GIST Support Wiki

Anatomy Learning Links

On this page we are collecting links to websites with good visuals to help patients understand the human body abdominal anatomy, how the organs fit together, etc. so we can appreciate where a GIST is (or was) and what body parts may have been surgically altered.

BBC Human Body interactive website This link lets you place the various organs into the body cavity. Alas, the duodenum is shown only partially and is not shown separately from the stomach. However, it is still somewhat interesting. Other parts of this site have muscles, nervous system, etc.

Robert Whitaker's anatomy webcasts This site has 4 webcasts about the abdomen at this subpage as well as a lot of other content.

Anatomy Lesson site by Leslie Norman PhD DSc This site has anatomy lessons for the entire body. The one specific to the abdomen is Abdomen site

LUMEN Structure of the Human Body from Loyola University with course director Michael Dauzvardis, PhD. This site's abdomen portion has cross-sectional slices through the abdomen that are similar to the "slices" seen on CT scans, so you can see the relationship of the organs.

Martindale's Anatomy & Histology Center includes a long list of online resources by topic area.

MedPix Abdominal Anatomy includes CT scan images

National Library of Medicine Visible Human Project

Radiology Assistant segments of the Liver shows the liver's imaginary divisions that might be refered to in your radiology report.