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Clinical Trials - What you need to know

These essays are part of a series of essays led by Grant Harrer, MD, Sletten Cancer Institute, Great Falls, Montana, with contributions by a variety of oncologists throughout the state. This series was facilitated by Cancer Family Network of Montana. They explain the clinical trials process.

CONTACT FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Marise Rowell, Program Director, Cancer Family Network of Montana ~ Helping Montana Families Live With, Through, & Beyond Cancer R ~ Ph: (406) 587-8080, [ ] [ ]


Grant W. Harrer, MD, FACP, CPI

Medical Oncologist - Big Sky Oncology, Great Falls, MT; Chairman, Treatment & Research Section, MTCCC; Co-Principal Investigator, Montana Cancer Consortium.

Patrick G. Beatty, MD, PhD

Medical Oncologist, Montana Cancer Specialists, Missoula, MT; President, Montana Cancer Institute Foundation

Amanda R. Dinsdale, BA, CCRC

Manager, Treatment & Research Section, MTCCC; Coordinator, Montana Cancer Consortium, Billings, MT

Benjamin Marchello, MD

Medical Oncologist, Principal Investigator, Montana Cancer Consortium, Billings, MT

James Burke, MD

Medical Oncologist - Billings Clinic, Billings, MT