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Eye Puffiness (Periorbital Edema)

The medical term for puffy eyes is "periorbital edema" and this is an extremely common Gleevec side effect.

Prescription Treatments

Some patients are prescribed diuretics such as Lasix for water retention, including puffy eyes.

Non-prescription Approaches

A caffeine-containing eye cream helps reduce the puffiness. There are numerous eye creams with caffeine on the market-they are marketed to reduce morning puffiness. I tried Loreal Eye Defense -about 15 minutes before makeup.

Salt really puffs my eyes up badly. I TRY to watch the salt content of things but it's everywhere!

Try Avon eye serum.

Tea tree stick (looks like lipstick, only light green in color) from the neighborhood health food store.

My husband has been on Gleevec for four weeks and has eye swelling and I started giving him green tea, cranberry juice, cucumber and celery. All are natural diuretics. It worked great.

When I was first given Gleevec it came from a leukemia clinic. Oncologists have been treating CML with Gleevec for many years prior to its use for treating GIST. I was told by my oncologist that Leukemia patents have this eye problem often and treat it with hemorrhoid cream. I laughed but never forgot what she said. Thank God I never had a puffy eye side effect. Give it a try, but peel the label off first. No joke!

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