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GIST SUPPORT users on Facebook

For facebook users, GSI has its present on facebook at TWO different locations.

1) An open facebook group. "GIST Support International" You have to be logged into facebook to see the wall and the info. Yesterday I made a photo album for GISTS 2011 at this group wall. You can add your own GISTS photos if you have some. You can post comments on group walls and "join" as a member. There seem to be more international folks on GSI's facebook group, and some folks who have never joined the listserv.

2) "GIST Support International" non-profit organization page. All you can do for a non-profit page is hit "like," you can't join as a member. You can post very short comments on organization pages, your number of characters are limited to very few. You can see the wall for the organization page even if you are not logged into facebook.

I "cut my teeth" on emails and LISTSERV for Internet cancer support communities starting back in Jan 1998. The LISTSERV format remains my presonal favorite. I think email format is the best one for substantive discussions about complex topics. BUT, in an age of hand held mobile devices, I recognize that a lot of people prefer facebook, for its shorter and lighter content. I've been refering to the GSI group on Facebook as "GSI LITE"

Here's the GISTS 2011 album on facebook. I don't know if you have to be logged in to see it? Pictures are from my camera and more are from Barbara Dore's. There is a tab at the upper right corner in my view of the page to add more pictures. You are welcome to add your own pictures from GISTS 2011.

Last word on facebook. Bev and I struggle with facebook's practice to delete hotlink URL's that we include in replies to others. So we have devised as ystem of using the term (DOT) in the URL to replace a period "." Facebook does not recognizes these (DOT) constructions as URL's to be deleted. Folks will need to copy the URL in their browser, and replace (DOT) with a true period "." in order to activate the link.