GIST Support Wiki


This page outlines the help pages that describe how to use the MediaWiki software used on


Logging in and Preferences

For beginners

  • Wiki 101 - a simple example of how to make an edit
  • Wiki Guide - the best place to start from if you're new to this wiki
  • Help:FAQ - answers the most common questions related to using the software



Wikitext and basic formating

Edit page help

Advanced editing

Page Management

Tracking Changes


See also

Off-site help pages

  • MediaWiki Help pages - not all MediaWiki features are exactly the same at, but most of the information provided on MediaWiki's own help pages relates to this wiki as well.

Other wiki pages of interest

Special pages of interest

  • Special pages - a list of all automatically generated "special" pages
  • All pages - lists all pages in a given namespace
  • Category pages - shows all existing and wanted categories
  • File list - lists all images and files that have been uploaded along with some basic statistics
  • List redirects - lists all redirect pages
  • Logs - various logs that show various events (e.g., deleting pages, giving users new rights, protecting pages)
  • Orphaned pages - lists pages that no other page links to
  • User list - lists all registered users of the system and their status
  • Wanted categories - lists categories that have been linked to, but are currently empty
  • Wanted pages - lists pages that have been linked to, but are currently empty