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A diff is the difference between two versions of a page. It can be accessed by clicking on the (diff) link on the page history, Recent Changes page, watchlist, or when there is an edit conflict.

Diff page description

The two versions being compared are shown side-by-side. The old version is on the left-hand side and in yellow. Text removed within a paragraph is shown in red on the old version. New text within a paragraph is shown in red on the new version. If a whole paragraph was removed or added, the text is not red but just black, while the other side is blank (white). Unchanged text is black on grey, only parts before and after changed text is shown.

The diff page also has links to the user page and the User contributions page. For administrators, a rollback button is shown allowing them to revert from the new version to the old one. Edit summaries are also shown on the diff page. These appear in the row beneath the user names. If the user has used links in their edit summary, these act as links on the diff page as well. There are also links to both versions, and the previous and next diff.