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Help:Renaming a page

This page describes how to rename (i.e., move) a page within the wiki.



There are several reasons why you might wish to rename a page (one that you have found or created):

  • The title does not accurately match its content
  • The title has been misspelled
  • The title does not follow the wiki's naming conventions
  • The scope of the article has been reduced, extended or otherwise changed

The wiki uses both of the terms "rename" and "move" to mean exactly the same thing. When a page is renamed several things happen including:

  • A new title and URL are associated with the content of the page and the page history
  • The old page becomes a redirect to the new page
  • The action is recorded in the Recent changes (along with an automatically generated edit summary) and in the Special:Log page (just select the "Move Log" from the drop-down box).

How to

Make sure you are logged in. With the correct page displayed, click on the "Rename" tab near the top of the page. You'll be asked for a new name for the page. The reason for the move can be given, like an edit summary.

Click the "move page" button and the page will be renamed to the new title. The old title will become a redirect page, so any links to the old title will still go to the new page.

Page histories

The "Rename" function keeps the entire edit history of the page, before and after the move, in one place, as if the page were always named that way. This is why using the "rename" button is preferred to manually cutting and pasting all the text from one page to another. Old revisions, notes, and attributions are much harder to keep track of if that is done. However, there are times when manual copying and pasting can be useful. For example, if you are splitting a single large page into multiple smaller pages. In such cases you can use the edit summary to describe what you have done.

Overwriting an existing page

When renaming a page it is important to check if the new page name is already being used. For example, if you want to rename Cat to be Feline, you will want to make sure that there is not already a page named Feline.

In some cases you may want to overwrite an existing page. For example, you may want to delete Feline entirely and replace it with Cat. This can be easily done by administrators by using the "rename" tab. They will be prompted accordingly to make sure they do not do so on accident. Because non-administrators do not have the ability to delete pages, they cannot overwrite an existing page. Instead, they should contact someone on the Wiki Team and ask them to delete the page. While the person could feasibly copy and paste the content from the old article (e.g., Cat) into the new article (Feline), this is not recommended because the page history will not be transferred with it.

There is one situation where a non-administrator can overwrite an existing page: when the existing page is a redirect to the current page. This helps with undoing a move. For example, if Cat was renamed to be Feline, Cat would be changed to a redirect page linking to Feline. If a non-administrator visited the Feline page, they would be allowed to rename the page to Cat. The result is that Feline would now redirect to Cat instead of the other way around.

Renaming protected pages

Administrators can protect pages from getting edited and/or renamed. If a page is protected from moves only, the "Rename" tab will not be available when non-administrators visit the page. In this case, you can ask that an administrator to rename it for you. Again, it is possible to manually copy and paste to rename the page, but is not recommended.

Pages that are protected from editing are automatically protected from getting renamed.

Undoing a move

To undo a move from page A to page B you would:

  1. Move page B back to page A (even non-administrators can do this - see above).
  2. Have an administrator delete page B (otherwise it will be a redirect to page A)

Other notes

  • When renaming a page, beware of creating redirects to redirects (see Help:Redirect for more information).
  • Renaming a watched page does not show up on your watchlist edits. After the move both the old and the new name are automatically included on your watchlist.

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