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Memorial Sloan Kettering


It is free of charge, but in most cases, you must be accompanied by a caregiver and in all cases, you must be over 18 years old. It is an absolutely beautiful facility, with a wonderful, supportive staff. Private rooms, kitchen facilities, group activities, library, computer room, fireplace, piano, meditation room. It is a block from Penn Station/Madison Square Garden (Amtrak & PATH –NJ & subway trains arrive here), the hospital is accessible by public transportation, taxi, or ~2.5 mile walk. The reservation procedure requires a referral from MSKCC's social worker. It opened transitionally in November 2007 with just a few rooms finished and all the rooms were up and running by the beginning of March. The staff’s expectation was that there would be a wait list, but don’t let that deter anyone. They will do their best to accommodate people.

We stayed at Hope Lodge NYC and it was fantastic. Free for adult cancer patients and 1 adult caregiver. Private bathroom, laundry & full kitchen.

American Cancer Society Hope Lodges

Hope Lodge, created by the American Cancer Society, has 61 guest suites. All services — lodging and support services — are offered free of charge for cancer patients and their families. The Cancer Society partners with major cancer centers in New York City to identify patients with greatest need.

Reservation requests are made through medical treatment providers.

For more information, call Ann Culligan at 794-6326.

Last year I had surgery at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Here are some tips that could help you make travel and lodging arrangements for an upcoming stay in New York City.

If you contact the MSKCC Social Work Dept. (212-639-7020) they will mail or fax you their list of housing options. In my case, we needed was a place for both of us to stay for the first night, and then a place for my husband to stay while I was in the hospital. Initially, we were planning to stay at the Helmsley Medical Towers (at about $205/night)! It was more expensive than some others that were on the list, but very close to the hospital. Then, we looked on Craigslist for NYC and were able to sublet a small apt. a couple of blocks away from MSKCC for $600 for the whole time! It was small and nothing fancy, but worked out great for us. I would highly recommend looking for an apt. or condo to sublet by searching Craigslist for the Upper East Side for the time frame you need. You might be surprised what you find. Hopefully you’ll be as lucky as we were.

You could also look into staying at the Hope Lodge. I believe that it is FREE. It hadn’t been opened yet at the time of my surgery but I understand it is up and running now. If you perform to an internet search for “Hope Lodge” you should be able to see information on it. In order to stay there, the reservation needs to be made by the Social Worker at the hospital. At MSKCC the contact person is either Carol Krueger (212-610-0809) or Marina Linderman (212-610-0086).

The cost of parking your car in NYC can really add up. We Drove to Jersey City and parked our car in the Path rail line garage. PATH stands for Port Authority Trans-Hudson. It is a rail system that runs between Manhattan and New Jersey. Here is the link to look at info on the PATH train: You would take the train from where you park (we parked in the garage at Journal Square) into Manhattan. The train ride took about 45 minutes and was quite affordable. Once in Manhattan, you could take a taxi or the NYC subway to where you will be staying. Parking at the PATH train station is much less costly than in downtown Manhattan.

When I was released from the hospital, we took a taxi from MSKCC back to the PATH train. They do have limo services for this, but that is a little more expensive. If you are interested, the nurses or the hospital Social Worker may be able to provide a phone number for a limo.

Here are 2 helpful website to navigate public transportation in NYC This site is the official transit site and will offer 3 different route options based on the time you want to travel and what mode you wish to use (bus, subway or both) and

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Another NYC location is Miracle House

This facility has less rooms and there is a $50/night fee. While in NYC we spoke with people who had stayed there. They thought it was fine, but liked Hope Lodge better.

MSKCC will allow you to stay in the patient’s room. We met a couple who was doing this, but it is not the most comfortable long term arrangement.

ACS operates Hope Lodges in other cities around the country. Here is their website

Another website to locate nationwide lodging for cancer patients is Joe's House Website :

Ronald McDonald Houses can take adult patients if they are not at capacity and would be another good place to check.