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Mutational Testing

For a list of CLIA certified labs that can do the mutational testing, see the page Mutation Testing.

Check with the selected lab to find out how much tumor material is required and get shipping instructions.

Costs generally vary according to how many exons within genes must be tested. KIT gene exons are tested first, starting with the most commonly mutated one (exon 11), then the next most common (exon 9) etc. PDGFRA gene exons would be tested if no KIT mutations were found. If neither KIT nor PDGFRA shows mutations, the result is called "wild type."

Below is one example of material requirements and contact information for one lab:


Requests for KIT and PDGFRA mutation screening must originate from a pathologist or treating physician. One paraffin block of the tumor (either biopsy or surgical specimen) or 15 unstained sections of the tumor should be sent to address listed below. A copy of the original pathology report as well as the patient's insurance information must be included.

Dr. Christopher Corless

OHSU Dept. of Pathology (mail code L471) 3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd Portland, OR 97239

Tel. 503-494-6776 Email:

Costs estimated at $1000 - $1500, depending on how many tests have to be done. May be covered by insurance, It is recommended that you check with your insurance company before sending your samples out to be sure if/how much they will cover and how much you could be responsible for.

Getting Insurance to pay for mutational testing