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Pharmaceutical Company Contacts


General patient assistance program contacts

Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) 1-888-477-2669

Together Rx Access 1-800-444-4106

Patient assistance Now 1-800-245-5356


MY GIST CIRCLE - 866-398-8750

Novartis websites for Gleevec (Glivec outside North America)

The Novartis website provides information about use of Gleevec for GIST. Financial assistance for Gleevec is handled through the MAX Foundation.

Novartis Resources available to Patients and HealthCare Professionals

Novartis Oncology Reimbursement Hotline: 1-800-282-7630

Novartis Patient Assistance Program (PAP) 1-800-282-7630

Novartis website with pretty good educational mateials for health professionals

Pfizer Rx Pathways for Sutent

Pfizer's 2014 program has been consolidated into one program for assistance for US patients with all of their medications. The new website is:

Pfizer Program for Sutent in INDIA

January 2013

This is with reference to your request for Sutent GIST support program, appreciate if you could call or provide your contact details for further information



Anupama Rao Singh Marketing Manager - Oncology Pfizer India (O)-91-22-66932066 (R) -91-9833793886 Email

Nex-Connect Program for Nexavar

FREE to anyone taking Nexavar.

PHONE NUMBER: 1-866-639-2827. Patient or caregiver registers by phone and a nurse calls you back for more info.

The enrollment gives you access to the hotline with any questions. They are pleasant and efficient, know what they're talking about, AND they send you packets of info and also lotion samples and discount on lotion called Dermal Therapy which is great.

We deal through the Reach program and NexConnect. They have been wonderful. They even have a nurse on call 24 hours a day to answer any questions about side-effects etc.

"D. Kossove, MD" wrote to several cancer lists and gave permission to post this information: Subject: Nexavar Sorafenib REACH program and 24/7 onc nurse hotline for Sorafenib


Bayer has a very jacked up situation with Sorafenib. See [1] It has the REACH program, and other information. You can download the REACH program application, it is one page, and you only fill out one side. Click either on kidney cancer or liver cancer and you will be directed to the REACH program or the NexConnect program.

Everyone who is getting Sorafenib and is paying a copay, you can join the REACH program and several things will happen..

1. Your income and insurance coverage will be evaluated by a professional evaluer. **** You will not wind up paying more in co pay than you are now, but if you are in the medicare 'doughnut hole' of having to pay 3000$ before further expenditure, this will definitely help, I am assured. **** [2]

2. You will receive your drugs very quickly. My whole application procedure took 1 day for the paperwork [faxed it to the onc nurse, she filled out the doctor's stuff, faxed it to the REACH program.] Got a call within 24 hours stating that the info was being verified by my insurance company. Got a second call two hours later which told me that it was ok'd and that there would be a call tellilng me about when they would deliver the stuff. The next day, the delivery service told me they would be delivering the package on Saturday. It took 4 days from start to finish before I had the pills in my hand. I don't know about contact them for refills, I suspect that either my doctor or I have to contact them.

3. I today got a call from an oncology nurse, Laura, who told me that I would be getting the starter pack, which had information about side effects and samples of products that might work well dealing with them.

4.Laura told me also about the NexConnect program, which staffs a 24/7 hotline with oncology nurses who answer questions about Sorafenib and side effects and problems. You can enroll in this program separately, but if you are in the REACH program, you are enrolled automatically. The toll free telephone number for applying for the helpline is 1-866- 639-2827 [3]

Hope this helps.

doreen Together we are more, and more effective, than we are separately.

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Genentech assistance program. Here's the link to the information.