GIST Support Wiki

Understanding Your Scans

With some practice, you can learn to recognize the anatomical landmarks on your own scans (CT or MRI or PET) and observe changes in your tumor over time.

By far the easiest way to view scans is on CD-ROM disk using your computer. Many medical facilities can provide you with your results on disk now, and these are especially convenient to copy if you need to take your imaging history to a new medical facility. However, you can also place film image sheets onto a light table or a window to look at them.

"But what am I seeing here? Help!"

All those black and white cross-sections look strange and incomprehensible at first glance, but you can become accustomed to them and start to make sense of them if you want to. Here are some website links that will assist in your self-education on recognizing landmarks such as the stoamch, the kidneys, and so forth...

Sites Showing CT Examples take a look at the cross-sectional tutorial

Sites Showing Anatomy Tutorials