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Wiki Helpers

There are many ways to help improve this wiki. You don't need any special privileges or authority to start making changes. However, we have identified some special roles for a few brave volunteers to fill. If you want to help fill any of these roles, let others know by adding your username to the appropriate list below.


Clean Up Crew

The Clean Up Crew helps by picking up litter (e.g., removing spam, deleting pages created on accident), making pages look consistent, fixing spelling and grammatical errors, updating broken links, adding internal links to relevant wiki pages, and improving navigation by renaming and reorganizing (e.g., categorizing pages). They regularly check the Recent changes page to monitor recent activity. They also maintain their personalized Watchlist by "watching" pages and getting email updates when they are modified.

The Clean Up Crew can always use more members that help with all, or some, of their activities. Note: If you would like to be able to delete pages, you will need special administrator rights. Please contact the Wiki Team who can provide you with those rights. Clean Up Crew members include:

  • [insert username here]

Promotion Crew

The Promotion Crew helps promote the wiki to the support group email list and world at large. They reference relevant wiki pages in the email list conversation, announce new pages to the list, encourage others to contribute to the wiki, help answer newcomer questions about the wiki, and advertise the wiki to other communities. You may want to read through the best practices and suggestions on how to best promote the wiki.

Promotion Crew members include:

  • [insert username here]

Page Advocates

Some members like to adopt a specific page (or pages) that they regularly monitor, improve, and advocate for. They often choose pages on topics related to their own expertise or interests. Page Advocates link to their page when related discussions come up in the email list. They may request comments from the community on the topic via email and then compile and synthesize them into their page. When they come across new information or Internet resources they add them to the page. They also generally Watch the pages they adopt so that they are notified by email when others change them according to some research paper made.

Below is a list of Page Advocates and the pages that they keep track of.

  • [insert username here] - [insert link to page(s) that you've adopted]

Wiki Digest Editors

The Wiki Digest is like a newsletter that is regularly sent to the community email list. It spotlights individual contributors, highlights new or exceptional content, suggests new page topics or pages in need of review, discusses policies made by the Wiki Team, provides tips for new wiki users, and asks for suggestions. See the Sample Wiki Digest for ideas on what it might end up looking like.

Below are the usernames of the Wiki Digest Editors:

  • Chief Editor: [insert username]
  • Assistant Editor: [insert username]

Wiki Team

The Wiki Team consists of a handful of individuals in charge of making policy related to the wiki, providing the initial wiki content, promoting the wiki, and making others administrators. If you are interested in joining the Wiki Team, send them an email and let them know (see the Wiki Team page for a list of members and contact information).